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Moss Mentors is the brain child of estate agent, Sanjay Gandhi, who boasts a wealth of industry experience and success. Sanjay’s vision is to help other estate agencies, like yours, not only survive but thrive. With over 30 years experience in estate agency, Sanjay has delivered mastermindsand training to well over 100 businesses and through Moss Mentors, he can do the same for you and your business.

Who we help

We help business and estate agency owners through a variety of services, such as 1to1 mentoring, mastermind groups and bespoke training. From rookie agents who want to know how best to start up and grow, right through to established multi-branch agencies that want to get to the next level and rise above, then stay ahead of the competition.

What other business owners, like you, have said about us

There’s nothing better than learning from the experiences of others. Our client testimonials speak for themselves. And they’re real too – go ahead, click on the business name and see for yourself.

“I definitely recommend Moss Mentors to anyone in the property industry. Sanjay certainly has a lot of knowledge to give”

Asif AliBurford & Brookes

“I can thoroughly recommend Moss Mentors. It has been extremely useful and I’ve taken away lots of great ideas, some of which I’ve already implemented in my own business”

John NewhouseRoseberry Newhouse

“Definitely recommend Moss Mentors. It’s very good to share thoughts with similar people in the industry. The meetings have helped me to overcome problems that we are facing in the marketplace today.”

Dawn ClarkNock Deighton

Are you ready to start growing your agency?

Taking the first step in changing your life is always the most difficult. We try to make it as easy as possible. Just hit the big red button, fill in a few details (and we mean a few) and get ready to grow.